Freelance Writer & Journalist


A   SHORT   BIOGRAPHY                                 

          I was born January 19th, 1995. I currently live in Pickering, ON and I aspire to be a journalist to break into a writing career. My elementary school years were held at Holy Redeemer Catholic School. It's a small, humble school by the Ontario lake shore. In high school, I am currently attending Saint Marys Catholic Secondary School. I plan to go to Ryerson University for its excellent journalism course. 

          After a successful career in journalism, I hope to break out into an equally successful novelist career. I have won a few awards in creative writing. 

ON WRITING                                                                   

          I am experienced in writing just about anything such as screenplays, short stories, poems, technical writing instructions, novels, reviews, advice columns, and various articles. My forte is in writing short stories and articles - the more story-driven genres of writing. Though I write just about any kinds of articles, my general preference is politics, world, science & technology, and art & entertainment. 

          In terms of fictional writing, my favorite genres to read and write about have always been those of science fiction, horror, and general dramatic fiction. I believe that a good story is one that you can connect to and learn something from. Those are the types of stories I opt to write. Not just fictionally, but through the true story of news articles as well.