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A Case of Brain and Brawn

Posted by stephaniehughes95 on February 6, 2015 at 1:05 AM

On the ride over to Toronto by GO train, looking up from a book for just a second – I saw it: a pale, armless Romanesque statue with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey stretched over it. People are putting their team logos on their car windows in decal form, writing with team logo pens and pencils, unlocking their phone to reveal a team logo wallpaper, and Tim Hortons is selling a flashy Toronto Maple Leafs doughnut. It looks like it would taste just like any other doughnut with its white pastry splotched with white icing covered in blue and white sprinkles centred with a food colouring stamped logo. Of course, it costs more than a regular doughnut. At Union Station, the area is flooded with blue and white dressed fans, shouting scalpers, and annoyed commuters. I watch this passing sea of people with painted faces, jerseys of their favourite player, hats, fake hair, excessive team makeup, and comically large #1 hand mitts and I know that these are the same people who mock the comic nerds or gamers for dressing up at their conventions. Sure, why would someone be stupid enough to pay an absurd amount of money for a ticket, get suckered in by countless merchandise, and dress up as their favourite characters? Now, I know each side is much more accepting of one another in recent years (mostly because comic book movies rule the media and are enjoyed by jocks, and sports has a foundation with an interesting business side and subset of politics that nerds can find fascinating), but there are still intolerant twats out there. Can’t the Gretzky jersey and the guy in the Batman costume just hug it out?

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